Banding Bars
A flat bar fixed to the edge of a grating panel.
Curve Shaping
Part of a cut on curved edges.
A device by which grating is attached to its support.
Straight Cut Starter
The part of a cut out which follows as a straight line.
A piece of grating finished either in the standard 1.0 x 6.1m / 0.9 x 6.1m form or cut to size banded and / or notched.
Cross Bars
Twisted square rods of uniform section forge welded perpendicularly to the load bearing bars to provide lateral restraints.
Cut Out
An area of flooring removed to permit pipes, plant and structural column to pass through or to clear obstructions.
Deep Binding Bar
A bar section of greater depth than the load bearing bar, fixed to the edge of a flooring panel and projecting below the underside.
The coating, usually paint or galvanizing which is applied to the grating.
The distance centre to centre of the load bearing bars or the transverse bars.
Notches at the top of the load bearing bars to improve slip resistance.
Hinge Panels
Grating panels which are hinged to their support or to other grating parts.
Gross Area
The total area of the flooring including areas of cut to waste.
Load Bearing Bar
A flat bar used to transfer the load between bearing bars.
End Plate
A plate welded to the stair tread for the fixing to the stringer.
Nett Area
The area of flooring remaining after deduction areas cut to waste.
Slip Resistance Edging
A band of slip resistance attached to the front edge of the stair tread or the flooring panel.
An L shaped resistance member welded to the edges of the stair treads of flooring panel.
Toe Plate (Kicking Plate)
A flat bar around a flooring panel projecting above the top of the load bearing bar.
Transverse Bar (Cross Bar)
A longitunal load carrying band of uniform bars to provide lateral resistance.
The overall dimension of a grating measured parallel with the load bearing bars. This dimension is always referred to as the length even though it may be shorter than the width.
Erection Clearance
The space provided between the edge of a flooring panel and the adjacent structure or between flooring panels to facilitate erection.
The overall dimension of the flooring panel measured at right angles to load bearing bars (the dimension is always referred to as “Width” even if it exceeds the length.
Electro Forged
A process combining hydraulic pressure and heat fusion to forge bearing bars and cross in the panel grate.