Grating Clips

KARISMA GRATING has a range of fixing clips and accessories available for use with the various grating range.

  • Clips are suitable to install whilist working on top of the grating
  • The fastener is designed for use with either Type 30, 40 or even 60 grating profiles
  • Adjoining grating panels can be secured with the same fastener
  • By using the top portion of the fastener, combined with a self drilling screw, grating can be secured to areas wherer no flanges are available on the supporting structure

Recommended Clip Installation

  • Minimum 4 clips per panel
  • Approximately 4 clips per panel, where the span is < 1500mm
  • Approximately 6 clips per panel, where the span is > 1500mm

Karisma Grating Clips are available in mild steel galvanized and 304/316 Stainless Steel for TGC – 01 & TGC – 02, TGC – 03 only available in 304/316 Stainless Steel.

Type TGC 01 Type TGC 02 Type TGC 03
TGC-01 TGC-02 TGC-03
TGC-01 TGC-02 TGC-03
Fastening Method
TGC 01 Fastening Method TGC 02 Fastening Method TGC 03 Fastening Method

For more information, please download product catalogue. download pdf